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Our Purpose

Create innovative, high-quality dietary supplements for the nutritional supplement market.

PEPDOO is based on the research and application of functional peptides, with enzymatic hydrolysis and extraction of animal and plant nutrients as its core, we manufacture some of the top selling powder and liquid formulas supplements on the market.


Scientific Research Innovation

More than 40 professional master's and doctorate talents. The talent fields cover proteomics, microbiology, food science, biomedicine, health management, etc. Conduct functional peptide research, activity tracking and application in both directions from preparation process and functional activity.

Patent Support

Company has 100+ patents including fermentation strains, fermentation equipment, fermentation technology, functional verification, etc. Focus on creating beauty & health products that are highly recognizable, highly competitive, and have obvious features and advantages.

Rich Product Range

With 4000+ product formulation repository and a variety of product dosage forms, we can provide stable and innovative mature formulations and select unique patented products.

High-Quality Raw Material Production Base

With multiple raw material production bases, can ensure the quality and quality of product raw materials, improve product quality and production efficiency, and continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The Quality of Your Supplements

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    HALAL Certified

    PEPDOO has passed Halal certification. It is produced in strict accordance with Halal certification standards and is suitable for use or consumption by Halal consumers.

  • Timely Delivery iso-cp4j

    ISO Compliant

    Our facility adheres to the ISO standards for quality, health and safety standards.

  • Warranty Guaranteed fdareg1tyd

    FDA Registered Facility

    PEPDOO meets or exceeds the FDA’s standards and are safe and effective for intended use.

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    PEPDOO products are manufactured with approved ingredients, under specified conditions of hygiene, and with proper documentation for all ingredients, processes, distribution and packaging.

The Quality of Your Supplements
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