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FBIF2023 Food Innovation Exhibition | Don't miss the opportunity to meet Peptoo !

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FBIF2023 Food Innovation Exhibition | Don't miss the opportunity to meet Peptoo !


In June 2023, PEPDOO made a spectacular appearance at the FBIF2023 Food Innovation Exhibition and the FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation Forum held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an)!

The FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation Forum focuses on the food industry, with a special emphasis on innovation and trends. It has become one of the highly influential industry events in the Asia-Pacific region and a leading indicator of innovation in the food and beverage industry.


At this FBIF Food Innovation Exhibition, PEPDOO showcased its innovative achievements in the full range of animal and plant peptides, including fish collagen tripeptide, soy peptide, and tuna elastic protein peptide. Through a comprehensive professional approach, covering the entire process and providing all-round services, PEPDOO offers efficient and comprehensive solutions for functional active peptides to meet the needs of the market and customers.

PEPDOO always adheres to a core strategy of differentiated raw materials, and the exhibition received widespread recognition from customers and visitors from various locations. Both new and existing customers, whether domestic or international, showed great interest and enthusiasm for PEPDOO's patented peptides such as fish collagen tripeptide and soy peptide.

During the exhibition, with the product advantages of differentiated animal and plant peptides, PEPDOO attracted a steady flow of customers who came for inquiries and negotiations.

PEPDOO always approaches each customer with enthusiasm and professionalism, patiently explaining product quality and analyzing market trends. There is continuous interaction throughout, creating a lively and warm atmosphere.