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PEPDOO® Albumin peptide

Albumin Peptide

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PEPDOO® Albumin peptide

Albumin peptide, also known as enzymatic ovalbumin, is the world's highest quality animal protein. It uses high biological potency ovalbumin as raw material, uses advanced directional enzymatic biotechnology, and undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis, separation, purification and other processes. Obtained small molecule, highly active and highly bioavailable albumin peptides.

Application direction : Health supplements, nutritional fortifiers, functional health products and special medical and dietary foods


    PEPDOO albumin peptide uses high-quality egg white protein as raw material, and uses pepdoo's patented enzymatic hydrolysis process to decompose it into small-molecule active peptide substances through complex hydrolysis, filtration, purification, concentration and drying steps. These steps require strict control conditions and professional equipment to ensure the final high-quality albumin peptide product

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    1.Low molecular weight
    2.Good water solubility
    3.High stability
    4.Good flavor


    (1) It has a restorative effect on the liver.
    (2) Nutritional regulation: The amino acid composition ratio of chicken ovalbumin and human serum albumin is very similar. It contains all the amino acids needed by the human body. It can replace serum protein and help improve the metabolism of various substances in the body.
    (3) Regulate immunity and improve the body’s disease resistance.
    (4) Promote the absorption of nucleic acids in food: Albumin peptides can promote the absorption and movement of nucleosides and improve the body's cellular immune function.

    PEPDOO® Series variety peptide supplement solutions: fish collagen tripeptide, peony peptide, elastin peptide, sea cucumber peptide, pea peptide, walnut peptide etc.

    About Pepdoo

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    Have the product’s ingredients and purity been tested and verified?

    Yes. PEPDOO only provides 100% pure functional peptides. Support you to inspect production qualifications, third-party testing reports, etc.

    Are you a manufacturer or trader?

    We are a China manufacturer and our factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian. Welcome to visit the factory!

    What is PEPDOO functional peptide?

    PEPDOO functional peptide is a peptide molecule with specific functions, effects and benefits extracted from natural animal and plant raw materials. It is produced by patented fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis. It is a highly bioactive bioavailable form and is highly water-soluble. properties and non-gelling properties. We offer vegetarian collagen peptides such as soy peptides, pea peptides, and ginseng peptides from bovine, fish, sea cucumber or plant sources to help solve specific health problems or provide specific health benefits.

    Excellent thermal and pH stability, coupled with neutral flavor and excellent solubility, make our functional peptide ingredients ideal for use in a variety of functional foods, beverages and dietary supplements.

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