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PEPDOO® Cod Fish Collagen Peptide Powder

Cod Collagen Peptide Powder is a dietary supplement made from cod collagen. Collagen is an important protein that makes up skin, bones, muscles, etc. Cod collagen peptide is obtained by extracting collagen from the skin and scales of cod and undergoing special processing. After processing, collagen is broken down into smaller peptide segments, known as collagen peptides. These peptide fragments are more easily digested and absorbed by the body, making them more bioavailable. Collagen peptide powder is easy to digest and can promote skin health, reduce wrinkles and protect joints, among other functions. Easily incorporated into a variety of foods and beverages. It is also frequently used in cosmetics and oral supplements.


    Product Specifications

    PEPDOO® Cod Collagen Peptide
    Product Introduction 
    PEPDOO® Cod collagen peptide is prepared using patented technology. It selects cod skin from the cold waters of the Pacific/Atlantic Ocean. It is a bioactive peptide prepared through multi-enzyme complex enzymatic hydrolysis and nano-separation and purification. It has the advantages of high content of hydroxyproline and high bioavailability. 
    Deep-sea cod has the advantage of being clean and pollution-free, and the protein it comes from has biological activities such as low temperature resistance, salt resistance, and high pressure resistance.


    The hydroxyproline content of PEPDOO®COD collagen peptide is 12.32%, which is very close to the hydroxyproline content of human skin and has high bioavailability. Cod is a deep-sea fish that lives in the low-temperature waters of the Northern Hemisphere at 1500°C. Unlike the source of collagen in freshwater fish scales, cod cannot be artificially cultured, so the health and safety of collagen raw materials are ensured from the source. Cod skin collagen has the characteristics of high purity in finished product and clear and translucent dissolved state. Because fish scale collagen requires a large amount of chemical reagents for decalcification and decalcification during processing, if not thoroughly, the finished product will be turbid after dissolution, making it difficult to purify.

    Product implementation standard Q/XYZD 0096S

    Table 1 Sensory indicators


    Table 2 Physical and chemical indicators


    Product processing performance 

    1. Water solubility: highly water soluble, fast dissolving speed, after dissolving, it becomes a clear and 
    translucent solution with light yellow low viscosity. 
    2. The solution is transparent, no fishy smell and bitter taste 
    3. Stable under acidic conditions and heat-resistant. 
    4. Low fat, low carbohydrate
    5.Low molecular weight, < 1000 Dalton, easy to absorb

    Product functions

    Improve skin elasticity and improve skin wrinkles.
    It has a potent antioxidant activity. 
    Supbits UV-induced skin damage and photoaging.
    Increase overall hair area, scalp coverage and improve hair thickness.

    Product Application range

    1. Health food. 
    2. Food for special medical purposes. 
    3. It can be added as an active ingredient in food to various foods such as beverages, solid drinks, wine, etc., to improve the flavor and functional properties of food. 
    4. It is suitable for oral liquid, tablet, powder, capsule and other dosage forms

    Product Honor

    Chinese utility model patent, patent number: ZL202020514189.7 A low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis equipment for collagen peptides
    Chinese utility model patent, patent number: ZL202020498782.7 A peptide separation and purification device
    Chinese invention patent, patent number 201310642727.5 Fish skin collagen bioactive small peptide and its preparation method
    Xiamen Ocean and Fishery Development Special Fund Project "Transformation and Industrialization Demonstration of Seaweed Enzyme, Collagen Peptide and Their High-Value Products Production Technology Achievements" 
    The production enterprise won the title of high-tech enterprise
    The production enterprise has passed the HACCP system certification
    The production enterprise has passed the ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system certification
    This product is underwritten by CPIC China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Peptide Nutrition

    Peptide Material

    Source of raw materials

    The main function

    Application field

    Fish collagen peptide

    Fish skin or scales

    Skin support,whitening and anti-aging,Hair nail joint support,Promotes wound healing







    Fish collagen tripeptide

    Fish skin or scales

    1.Skin support, whitening and moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle,

    2.Hair nail joint support

    3.Blood vessels health

    4.Breast enlargement

    5.Prevention of osteoporosis

    Bonito elastin peptide

    Bonito heart artery ball

    1. Tighten the skin, enhance skin elasticity, and slow down skin sagging and aging

    2. Provide elasticity and protect cardiovascular

    3. Promotes Joint Health

    4. Beautify the chest line

    Soy Peptide

    Soy Protein

    1. Anti-fatigue

    2. Promotes muscle growth

    3. Enhance metabolism and fat burning

    4. Lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar

    5. Geriatric Nutrition

    Walnut Peptide

    Walnut Protein

    Healthy brain, quick recovery from fatigue, Improve energy metabolism process

    Pea Peptide

    Pea Protein

    Postoperative recovery,Promote the growth of probiotics, anti-inflammatory, and enhance immunity

    Ginseng peptide

    Ginseng Protein

    Enhance immunity,Anti-fatigue,Nourish the body and enhance sexual performance,Protect liver

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