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PEPDOO® Sea Cucumber Peptide

Sea Cucumber Peptide

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PEPDOO® Sea Cucumber Peptide

Patent No.: ZL 201610115897.1

Sea cucumber is a traditional nourishing food, which is characterized by high protein and low fat. Sea cucumber contains bioactive calcium, sea cucumber mucopolysaccharides, peptides, sea cucumber, sea cucumber saponins, amino acids and other active ingredients, which can effectively repair damaged articular cartilage and restore normal functions of bones and joints. At the same time, sea cucumbers have analgesic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and improved immunity. Sea cucumber peptides are refined using the internationally advanced bioenzymatic hydrolysis technology of peptide molecules. They not only retain the unique nutrients of sea cucumbers, but also convert macromolecular proteins into small molecule active peptides, which are easier to absorb and have stronger functions than traditional sea cucumbers. Product absorption is more comprehensive

Application direction : Sports nutrient supplement, powder drink, bakery, food for special medical treatment, health food, functional food


    PEPDOO® sea cucumber peptide is an active peptide with special physiological functions extracted from sea cucumber by enzymatic method. Recent studies have shown that sea cucumber peptide has various bioactive functions: antioxidation, anti-diabetes, lower blood pressure, anti-cancer, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, neuroprotection, micromineral-chelating, etc. sea cucumber peptide has great potential be in clinical and functional foods application
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    (1) Good solubility: 100% dissolved
    (2) Good stability: The aqueous solution of PEPDOO sea cucumber peptide has excellent salt tolerance, thermal stability and storage stability, which is beneficial to the production of oral liquid and beverage processing.
    (3) Low viscosity: When the ordinary sea cucumber powder liquid is heated to above 100'C, the viscosity increases with the increase in concentration. The sea cucumber peptide solution does not have this change. Even if the concentration reaches more than 80%, it can still maintain good fluidity and will not gel when heated to high temperatures. This low viscosity indicates that sea cucumber peptide has good processing properties.
    (4) Easy to digest and absorb: Hailongyuan sea cucumber peptides are directly absorbed in the form of small molecule peptides, which are faster to absorb than single amino acids, easier to absorb and utilize, and have high biological potency.
    (5)No antigenicity and safe to eat: Enzymatic hydrolysis eliminates protein allergens, which gives infants and adults who are prone to protein allergies more edible choices.


    (1) Anti-fatigue
    (2) Anti-inflammatory and enhance immunity
    (3) Delay aging: The collagen peptides and a large number of antioxidant peptides contained in sea cucumber peptides can supplement collagen, remove free radicals in the body, and accelerate cell regeneration.
    (4) Lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids
    (5) Anti-tumor effect: Sea cucumber peptides, sea cucumber polysaccharides and sea cucumber saponins all have good anti-tumor effects.
    (6) Beauty and skin care effects: Small molecule collagen peptides have good solubility, increased skin permeability, antioxidant, anti-allergic, antibacterial and other properties. Sea cucumber peptides can significantly promote the growth and proliferation of fibroblasts NIH/3T3 and collagen expression. It can also significantly reduce the melanin content of B16 melanoma cells, thereby delaying aging and improving skin care.

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    PEPDOO® Series variety peptide supplement solutions: fish collagen tripeptide, peony peptide, elastin peptide, sea cucumber peptide, pea peptide, walnut peptide etc.


    Are you a manufacturer or trader?

    We are a China manufacturer and our factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian. Welcome to visit the factory!

    Can you provide free samples?

    Yes, sample quantity within 100g is free, and the shipping cost is borne by the customer. For your reference, usually 10g is enough to test color, taste, smell, etc.

    What is your production lead time?

    About 7 to 15 days based on order quantity and production details.

    How do I choose the best PEPDOO functional peptide for my application?

    Depending on your application, PEPDOO is available in different raw material sources, densities and molecular weights. To find the best product for your application, we recommend contacting our technical support team.