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PEPDOO® Type 1 Marine Collagen Peptides

Marine fish collagen peptides are small molecule peptides obtained by enzymatic cleaving of collagen molecular chains extracted from marine fish. Collagen is a structural protein that exists in the skin, bones, joints, blood vessels, muscles, and visceral tissues of the human body. It has the function of maintaining tissue structure and providing elasticity. Marine fish collagen peptides are highly bioavailable and active, easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, and can promote the synthesis of collagen and maintain the elasticity and firmness of various tissues in the body. It can replenish and increase the collagen content in the body, help maintain the elasticity and moisture of the skin, reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines; it has a good effect on preventing and improving aging, improving immunity, etc.


    Why Choose PEPDOO® type 1 marine collagen peptides?

    PEPDOO® Fish collagen peptide is prepared using patented technology, using multi-enzyme combined enzymatic hydrolysis technology and nano-separation and purification technology to prepare nano-scale small molecule peptides. 
    The product has a small molecular weight, is easy to absorb, and has good flavor, and can be easily used in various products

    Product implementation standard Q/XYZD 0009S

    Table 1 Sensory indicators65499faisf
    Table 2 Physical and chemical indicators65499fbtma

    Product processing performance

    1. Water solubility: highly water soluble, fast dissolving speed, after dissolving, it becomes a clear and translucent solution with no impurity residue. 
    2. The solution is transparent, no fishy smell and bitter taste
    3. Stable under acidic conditions and heat-resistant. 
    4. Low fat, low carbohydrate.

    Product functions 

    Eliminate skin spots. 
    Reduce wrinkles 
    Improve skin health 
    Strengthen the cartilage bone, enhance the joint comfort, and prevent rickets 
    Improve the hair quality 
    Promote the nail growth and hair thickness 
    Contribute to the protein structure reconstruction

    Product application range

    1.Health food. 
    2. Food for special medical purposes. 
    3. It can be added as an active ingredient in food to various foods such as beverages, solid drinks, biscuits, candies, cakes, wine, etc., to improve the flavor and functional properties of food. 
    4. It is suitable for oral liquid, tablet, powder, capsule and other dosage forms.

    Production Technology Process



    Inner packing: Food-grade packing material, packing specification: 20kg/bag, etc. 
    Other specifications can be added according to market demand.


    Are you a manufacturer or trader?

    We are a China manufacturer and our factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian. Welcome to visit the factory!

    Are the sources and manufacturing processes of your products reliable, with relevant quality assurance and certifications?

    Yes, PEPDOO has its own raw material base. 100,000-level dust-free production workshop, with ISO, FDA, HACCP, HALAL and nearly 100 patent certificates.

    What is the difference between collagen peptides and gelatin?

    Gelatin has larger collagen molecules and is often used in the food industry as a cementing agent, thickener or emulsifier. Collagen peptide molecules are relatively small, have shorter peptide chains, and are easier to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. They are often used in health care products and beauty products to improve skin elasticity, relieve joint pain, etc.

    Are collagen peptides from fish sources better than bovine sources?

    There are some differences in structure and bioactivity between fish-derived collagen peptides and bovine-derived collagen peptides. Fish-derived collagen peptides generally have shorter polypeptide chains, making them more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. In addition, fish-derived collagen peptides contain higher levels of collagen type I, which is the most common type of collagen in the human body.

    What is your minimum order quantity?

    Usually 1000kg, but can be negotiated.

    Peptide Nutrition

    Peptide Material

    Source of raw materials

    The main function

    Application field

    Fish collagen peptide

    Fish skin or scales

    Skin support,whitening and anti-aging,Hair nail joint support,Promotes wound healing







    Fish collagen tripeptide

    Fish skin or scales

    1.Skin support, whitening and moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle,

    2.Hair nail joint support

    3.Blood vessels health

    4.Breast enlargement

    5.Prevention of osteoporosis

    Bonito elastin peptide

    Bonito heart artery ball

    1. Tighten the skin, enhance skin elasticity, and slow down skin sagging and aging

    2. Provide elasticity and protect cardiovascular

    3. Promotes Joint Health

    4. Beautify the chest line

    Soy Peptide

    Soy Protein

    1. Anti-fatigue

    2. Promotes muscle growth

    3. Enhance metabolism and fat burning

    4. Lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, lower blood sugar

    5. Geriatric Nutrition

    Walnut Peptide

    Walnut Protein

    Healthy brain, quick recovery from fatigue, Improve energy metabolism process

    Pea Peptide

    Pea Protein

    Postoperative recovery,Promote the growth of probiotics, anti-inflammatory, and enhance immunity

    Ginseng peptide

    Ginseng Protein

    Enhance immunity,Anti-fatigue,Nourish the body and enhance sexual performance,Protect liver

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