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Marine Collagen Peptide Powder Drink

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Marine Collagen Peptide Powder Drink

The Vital glow Collagen <Powder> contains low-molecular collagen, patented beauty ingredients Bonito elastin peptide, Tremella Polysaccharide, vitamin C , ect. clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Consume it daily for clear and luminous skin. This product provides intensive nourishment for your skin, nail ,joint and hair


    Vital Glow Marine Collagen Peptide Drink 5000MG (8g x 30sachets)

    Properties: A collagen peptide-based drinking powder that effectively provides overall structural strength and support specially for skin, nail ,joint and hair.
    This fruit-flavored beauty powder drink is rich in collagen, easy to digest and quick acting.
    Daily intake of a marine collagen will help you obtain its full benefits.

    It also contains 5,000mg of fish collagen that combats natural collagen degradation in skin to regain skin structure, suppleness, and elasticity.

    The power of Olive Fruit Powder helps to Promote post-sun repair to UV radiation 

    Desmosine is an amino acid found uniquely in elastin, bonito elastin have efficacy for improving skin elasticity and moisturizing.
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    For those who

    •want to spend their days with resilient skin.
    want to stay beautiful forever.
    want to have an active and easy intake of collagen.
    are highly beauty-conscious.

    Main Ingredients

    Fish collagen peptide
    PEPDOO® Bonito elastin peptide
    Yeast Extract
    Olive Fruit Powder
    Tremella Polysaccharide
    Pluvialis Haematococcus
    Vitamin c


    Are you a manufacturer or trader?

    We are a China manufacturer and our factory is located in Xiamen, Fujian. Welcome to visit the factory!

    Can you accept customization?

    Yes, we provide OEM or ODM packaging services. Packaging materials and specifications are based on your needs.

    What is your minimum order quantity?

    Usually 5000boxes, but can be negotiated.

    Can you provide samples?

    Yes, usually we will provide customers with free samples that we have made before, and customers only need to bear the shipping cost.

    Does your company have any certifications?

    Yes, nearly 100 patent and ISO, FDAI, HACCP, HALAL, etc.